UPDATE - We are extremely exited that Immersion by Simon and Natasha has won 4 awards at Indie Shorts Film Festival.  Winner as Best Director, editor, micro short and Best DOP.

We are super excited to share the latest stunning work from PI Friends and collaborators Simon Edwards and Natasha Dettman...

Winter sea temperature around the Channel Islands average 8C - 10C. Prolonged exposure to these temperatures without protective clothing can cause the human brain, muscle activity and vital organs to slow, eventually leading to hypothermia.

A group of dedicated woman swim in these waters all year round. They believe that cold sea swimming is both physically and mentally transformative, a spiritual connection between humans and the natural environment leading to a state of personal freedom.

The health benefits of cold water submersion have been well documented in recent years.

Immersion is an exploration of the human minds ability to overcome adversity and finding a balance in a seemingly inhospitable environment.

Shot in the waters off Bouley Bay on Jersey’s north coast during winter, the film follows one of the swimmers, Jane Yates as she enters these cold dark waters.

Directed by Simon Edwards & Natasha Dettman
Production Design: Natasha Dettman
DoP: Simon Edwards
Soundscape: Simon Edwards
Drone Photography: Marc Le Cornu - BAM Perspectives / Andy Habin - Sotoro
ADR: Peter Taylor-Finch PTF Motion

With Thanks to:
Jane Yates
Kevin Mcllwee
Calum Thorne
Erika Rodrigues
ArtHouse Jersey
PI Film Network
Toyah at Bouley Bay Divers

Shot on RED