We are experienced solution led production. With offices in London, Prague, Rome, Thailand and Cape Town we are able to work internationally as locals, which enables us to  give our clients cost effective solutions without creative compromise for any  budget or production  size.

We are a small and perfectly formed multi-national company. For the last 18 years we have been course leaders and lecturers at the annual industry APA Masterclass, teaching the next generation of producers how to excel in budgeting, scheduling and planning of the perfect production.

As well as having our own fabulous directors, we source directors on a project by project basis.

Our years of experience of working with agencies, clients and directors in full production gives us a greater understanding of what is required to achieve great production service work. You need to have complete trust in your local service company leaving you free to forget about the logistics and get on with the all important creative.

We are experts in flawless service production.

    • Transparent fast budgeting.
    • Research for casting / locations at the time of budgeting.
    • We can provide comparative bids of multi locations, ensuring you get the best shooting locations for your project.
    • The UK has world-class casting from one of the widest pools in the world. We can cast for any talent including street casting for real people, to actors, dancers, singers for specific skills. Or even pull in cheaper talent from Europe to shoot in the UK.
    • We efficiently negotiate and manage artiste fees and contracts according to your specific needs.
    • We have excellent negotiating power in the local markets. We have built invaluable trust with suppliers and crew that helps us pull in the very best deals for your production.
    • The UK has the most skilled crew in the world.
    • We have stunning UK locations; ancient forests, to chocolate-box country villages, beaches, sprawling high tech cities, and iconic London landmarks, we will find the perfect location for your production.
    • We are experienced in everything from firearms and large scale explosions & SFX to kitchen sinks.
    • We’ve shot SFX heavy action scenes in the heart of London at short notice, Helicopter shoots across the rolling English countryside hills & London landmarks to naval submarines in the depths of a Scottish loch and so much more.
    • We can help with your travel arrangements: Offering great deals on accommodation throughout the UK negotiating rates to suit any budget & assisting with flights and visa’s where needed.

Highly adept at anticipating client’s every need, we know what makes a production run smoothly.