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With NFL fever reaching an all-time high, this inspirational new Nike spot (serviced by PI Film Network for Dirty Robber - L.A.) perfectly encapsulates the spirit of this hard-as-nails sport.

Our story follows Eyram Avadzi, Londoner, American Footballer and dreamer, as he pushes himself to become the next Efe Obada. Director Nick Frew brings Eyram’s world to life on-screen. His keen eye allows him to capture the most dynamic shots in every scenario.

Like American football, the spot is tough, agile and unabashedly fun, while also being unconventionally beautiful. And again, much like the sport, teamwork is at the centre of this.

Although Eyram is the focus, it always feels like he’s part of something much bigger. Authenticity is arguably the most coveted word in advertising, yet few films achieve it quite like this. Eyram is no actor; he’s a real teenager, who was discovered by us at Blitz American football club in Finsbury Park.

Every facet of the film draws on his real life, whether it’s the scenes of him training at Blitz, or hanging out on his local estate with mates, each location and cast member has a personal connection to Eyram. And it shows.

Words like ‘tough’, ‘agile’, ‘teamwork’ are synonymous with American football. But they could also be used to describe PI Film Network. This mammoth job was produced in little over a week.

That includes street casting our hero & his friends, securing locations, and putting together an A+ crew. But in true PI style, it came together without a hitch. In the words of Marv Levy: 
'if you have everything prepared the rest will take care of itself'.