Go Compare - Back Seat

Following his recent airborne adventures, Gio Compario has returned to earth to face off against a brand new antagonist: the ravenous Monster Bill.

In the first commercial of PI’s new campaign for Go Compare, we discover this crafty creature lounging in the back seat of a convertible. As Monster Bill gobbles through all the driver’s cash, It’s up to Gio to shrink him down to size.

The brainchild of wildly inventive creative team Chris & Siân Wilkins, Monster Bill instantly establishes himself a hilariously horrible and utterly memorable character. This is thanks in part to the wonderful work of Framestore, the company that brought Paddington Bear and JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts to life. The impressive and expressive CGI gives Monster Bill a really distinctive personality, which is important when he’s sharing screen time with TV’s most famous Opera Singer (sorry Paul Potts).