Gio Compario returns to the stage for Go Compare

Gio Compario, Go Compare’s iconic and world-class opera singer is back with a bang!

Director Graham Rose and The PI Film Network produced Gio’s epic return in Prague, through their Czech Republic office Partnership Pictures, for client and creative team Chris & Sian Wilkins.

Gio’s Sunday return debuted during ‘Surprise Surprise’ on ITV after an intriguing 10 second teaser campaign that aired the previous night. Having racked up a rather impressive 8.7 million hits on its initial airdate, the film is backed up by a multi channel campaign spread across outdoor and digital advertising.

Wynne Evans, who plays Gio said: “After a short break, it’s great to be back behind the moustache as Gio Compario. I’m incredibly proud of the music and I’m looking forward to the public hearing it.” Welcome back Gio!